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RadGreen is proud to partake in IBM Alpha Zone class #4.
RadGreen will further develop it's cloud solution for the ongoing monitoring of the environment for organizations and Smart cities.

RadGreen is taking part in Tyco innovation program that enhances innovative applications for more connected businesses, smarter commercial environments, and safer cities. 
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Many work environments pose health risks for employees. Whether there are labs filled with radiation-emitting equipment, server rooms leaking electromagnetic radiation, or any other common source of potentially hazardous nature, organizations must do everything within their power in order to ensure their employees' safety and well-being.
RadGreen's effectiveness in monitoring work environments has been successfully tested and proven, assisting organizations to keep their employees safe and sound by providing executives and office holders with much needed peace of mind.


Providing excellent education is not enough. Having students enroll in your academic institution (be it kindergartens, schools, universities, or any other academic institution) puts their health in your hands. Labs, computer rooms, and a myriad of other facilities often emit hazardous radiation which puts your students' well being in jeopardy when it comes to long term and continuous exposure. 
RadGreen's systems have been proven as an extremely effective solution to continuously monitor environments, immediately give notice when an irregularity is detected, and to minimize harmful exposure to staff and students. 


Cities around the world wish to offer their residents and those who otherwise frequently visited their city the best and most up to date technological urban environment. Wi-Fi hotspots and coverage have become a necessary minimum to any self respecting modern city. However, such advanced services also entail putting residents in harm's way as more antennas are put up every day, enhancing radiation levels city wide. Where can the limit between sufficient Wi-Fi coverage and acceptable radiation levels be found?
RadGreen's systems reliably and effectively provide city officials with continuous monitoring and documentation as to monitored parameters levels anywhere necessary, allowing them the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is under control and the opportunity to let residents know how much their safety and health means to them.

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Additional sensors - monitoring everything worth monitoring
Different types of radiation are not all that RadGreen can monitor for you. Modern life provides ample pollutants which endanger peoples' health and well being. RadGreen sensors for a wide range of parameters such as air pollution, noise, temperature, humidity, gasses, and a wide range of other hazardous substances, RadGreen's systems offer a consolidated monitoring system.

With a single, easy to use, and reliable IoT (Internet of Things)  system to monitor everything worth monitoring, RadGreen makes the need to install, maintain, and master various systems redundant.
RadGreen- immediate knowledge allows for swift action.


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