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Monitoring for 
A Healthy and Risk 
Free Environment
Monitoring for a healthy and risk free environment.
Executives and office holders are often distraught when it comes to dealing with radiation and other pollutants. Most radiation and other hazards have no telltale signs. They can not be seen or smelled. They do not make noise that lets you know they're there. The only way to detect their presence is through professional detectors or measurement equipment. However, periodic tests, albeit being quite costly, often fail to detect the presence of unwanted hazards in the air or the environment. That's where we come in.
Who we are
RadGreen is an exciting startup company located in the startup nation of Israel. We thrive on developing innovative, creative, and effective environmental management solutions. Bringing forth profound technical backgrounds and proficiency, and having developed a keen sense of the threats incorporated in unmonitored living, working, and learning environments, we have founded RadGreen in order to provide large organizations, academic institutions (such as kindergartens, schools, universities, and the like), and municipal organs with applicable solutions to control their urban environments relying on a single system.
What we do
We provide organizations with easy to use solutions to monitor environments for the presence of hazards:
  • Radiation leakages (Wi-Fi, RF, Electromagnetic, etc.)  
  • Noise monitoring
  • Flammable, combustible, toxic, and otherwise harmful gasses  
  • Excessive humidity, temperature and other factors damaging air quality   
Having developed a sophisticated IoT (Internet of Things) platform we're able to quickly and economically provide our customers with a comprehensive sensors system.
Our patented sensors are installed anywhere you'll want exposure monitored requiring nothing but an ordinary power socket. These sensors will transmit collected data to our servers. The accumulated data will be analyzed in real time and precious insights will be delivered. This means you'll do everything in your power to keep the safety and health of those you're in charge of. Furthermore, you'll be able to let them know that their well being is being taken seriously.

What we believe in
We believe that modern urban environments do not have to pose exposure threats.
We believe that simple and cost effective solutions can be easily implemented in order to control such hazards' presence in the air and environment.
We believe that we all deserve to lead a safer and healthier life.

How to reach us
Contact us for consultation and a free advice via:
  • This contact form 
  • Phone: +972-3-5359935  
  • Email: info@radgreen.co.il  
  • Fax: +972-5068-11160  
"We need to accept the seemingly obvious fact that a toxic environment can make people sick and that no amount of medical intervention can protect us..." 
Andrew Weil.
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