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Ensuring Employee Safety and Health in RF Environments

Microwave & RF

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RadGreen presents a product line for continuous RF radiation monitoring and alerting across various bandwidths.
Product solutions are for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Connected devices facilitate centralized monitoring, alerts, data logging, and remote configuration across multiple locations.

Local devices provide immediate visual and auditory alerts without the need for a communication network, which is ideal for internet security- sensitive sectors such as the military and defense.

RF monitors evaluate the immediate environment and compare it to regulatory limits.

Proven Business Impact

Operational savings

Continuous monitoring saves manual RF measurements

24/7 Safety

Realtime employee safty

Operational savings

Safety and peace of mind increase employee productivity and trust

Employee satisfaction

Continuous monitoring enhances employee statisfaction in the workplace

Who can benefit

from RadGreen?

Any RF, Radar &

Microwave labs

RF products production/

manufacturing lines

Employee safety

Enhance corporate


The RadGreen solution pillars

Monitor & Alert

Continuous data collection on RF metrics with notifications for safe environment threshold breaches to enable quick responses.

Manage & Verify

Insights for various stakeholders, enhanced by analyzing historical data and reporting for employee safety and employee claims, including timelines and sites comparison.

Productivity & Trust

Enhancing workforce efficiency and output through improved safety, reduce complaints and create Peace of Mind for Employees and Employers. Providing employers with a sense of assurance and tranquility regarding workplace safety.

Unique advantages

RF continuous monitor: 24/7 RF monitoring
Human resource: Continuous monitoring doesn’t require human resource
Telco-grade device: Built for corporate companies like commercial, military,
semi-military, and telecommunication
Indoor/outdoor design: solution for all environments
Wide band: RF spectrum 100MHz to 11GHz (band selective)
Easy installation: A stand-alone device, one-time settings
Maintenance free: sensor advanced technology, periodic calibration not required
Centralized control: Manage multiple locations through one system

Use Cases

Take Control of Humidity Levels

Take Control of Humidity Levels What is Humidity? Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. The more water vapor, the higher the humidity will be. Therefore, high and low humidity levels can cause issues. First, high humidity can cause damage to the building’s foundation. Secondly, low humidity can increase illness.  Control your Humidity Levels  To create a healthy indoor environment, keep your humidity levels between 30-60%.(1) These levels help prevent mold outbreaks, as mold is an allergen that can cause allergic reactions. In fact, mold

Noise Pollution in the Office

Noise Pollution in the Office What is Noise Pollution  The traditional definition of noise is “unwanted or distributing sound”.1 Noise can affect our daily life more than you would think. One’s overall health could be affected by encountering noise pollution frequently. Noise pollution affects humans and other living organisms that have regular exposure to elevated sound levels and may be harmful. Studies have shown that there are direct links between noise and health.1 Some of the health effects of noise pollution include stress-related illness, high blood pressure, speech

Why Measure Noise?

Why Measure Noise? Noise Pollution Noise is everywhere and has more of an impact than one might think. The traditional definition of noise is “unwanted or distributing sound”.(1) Noise can impact us in multiple ways, such as affecting your concentration at work and causing health effects.  In the Office Being at work is when you want to be as productive and efficient as possible, but what happens when noise affects how you work? In your workplace, there will always be distracting sounds, such as telephones ringing, coworkers talking,

The Importance of Understanding Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

The Importance of Understanding Carbon Dioxide (CO2) What is Carbon Dioxide? Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a gas that makes up approximately 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere (1). It is a colorless and odorless gas created as a by-product of combustions and chemical processes (2). CO2 is also a by-product of humans, every time we breathe out; we exhale CO2. It is an essential part of our metabolic system (3). CO2 also impacts health and productivity. Furthermore, the level of CO2 in the air is a good indication of

What Are tVOCs?

What Are tVOCs? What are Total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)? Many VOCs are human-made chemicals used and produced in the manufacture of dyes or chemicals derived from adhesives, furniture, carpets, and detergents.(1) The compounds are vapors from those solvents. In fact, concentrations of VOCs are around ten times higher indoors than outdoors.(2) The indoor air quality is affected by VOCs and can have short and long-term health effects.  Why do we Measure VOCs? Therefore, measuring VOCs is important because they are more common around you in your home

The Effects Humidity has on the Workplace

The Effects Humidity has on the Workplace Humidity in the Workplace As an employee working in an office, thinking about the air quality will not be on the top of your mind, but it does affect whether you think about it or not. Humidity is a factor of air quality that can affect the comfort and well-being of your workplace. Since most people spend 90% of their time indoors, creating a healthy indoor environment is essential.(1) Health Effects from Humidity It’s important to have the right balance of

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