Improving Public Health and Safety For All

What is RadGreen

RadGreen is an Environmental Analytics company that creates sensors with the goal of creating a safer and healthier environment for all.  The sensors measure different parameters in our atmosphere.  RadGreen allows you to optimize the air quality, thermal comfort, noise levels, light parameters, and viral index.  You can display these measurements by simply scanning a QR code on the sensor’s surface.  Then you can see the levels of all the different parameters RadGreen measures.  This allows those in the building ease of mind and those operating the building clarity that their building is safe and the people inside are going to remain healthy.

Improving Public Health and Safety

RadGreen is an effective method to improve the public health and safety of any building.  The building types can include office buildings, schools, hospitals, old age homes, stadiums, etc.  What these buildings all have in common is that they contain many people.  With lots of people come potential dangers such as high CO2 levels and inadequate air ventilation which leads to poor air quality.  It is important to keep these buildings safe from the potential hazards and RadGreen is a great way to do so.  It can help the building managers know that their building is safe despite all these people coming in and out.  It can also help those inside the building know that they are safe and healthy.  With the simple scan of a phone you can have data at your fingertips on what is going on inside the building in real time.  This improves the public health and safety for all because it is taking actions towards creating a safer environment.  With RadGreen you can find answers to any questions and doubts you may have in your building and its air quality.

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