What Are tVOCs?

What are Total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)?

Many VOCs are human-made chemicals used and produced in the manufacture of dyes or chemicals derived from adhesives, furniture, carpets, and detergents.(1) The compounds are vapors from those solvents. In fact, concentrations of VOCs are around ten times higher indoors than outdoors.(2) The indoor air quality is affected by VOCs and can have short and long-term health effects. 

Why do we Measure VOCs?

Therefore, measuring VOCs is important because they are more common around you in your home or office than you might think. Some common examples are paint, varnishes and finishes, caulks and sealants, adhesives, flooring, carpets, cleaners, furniture, and pesticides.(3) The ability to measure VOCs can help reduce the impact it may cause on our health. 

The Effects of VOCs 

The health effects that may arise from VOCs include (2):

  • eye, nose, and throat irritation 
  • Headaches, loss of coordination, and nausea
  • Damage to liver, kidney, and central nervous system
  • Some are suspected or known to cause cancer in humans

 As a result, anyone can be affected by VOCs, but people with respiratory problems such as asthma, young children, and the elderly are more susceptible to irritation caused by VOCs.(4)

RadGreen is Here to Help

RadGreen is a one-stop environmental management solution that lets you optimize the air quality to give you a safer and healthier space. VOCs are a common occurrence in everyone’s day-to-day life, and we want to ensure your safety. 



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