How to Create the Perfect Indoor Environment for Workers

When working in an indoor environment, optimizing the space as much as possible is important. Creating a healthy indoor environment can increase worker productivity and health benefits under the proper conditions. Not only will this help the people, but it will also, in return, help the business. Oftentimes personal salaries are higher than the operating costs of an office. Thus strategies that will increase employees’ health and productivity, in the long run, can have a significant return on investment.(1)  It is essential to work to control the controllable. These simple fixes are easy to monitor and greatly benefit employees.  

Maximize your Work Environment

Some ways to maximize the perfect environment include: 

  • Installing opening windows
    • Opening windows will allow for increased airflow and fresh air to circulate throughout the workspace(1)
  • Give employees control over their individual lighting
    • Light is a huge factor in one’s productivity and health. It is a spectrum, and each person has a different preference; thus each employee should be able to make their own decision about the lighting at their desk.(1)
  • Use air cleaning devices
    • It is crucial to have clean, purified air to ensure minimal amounts of pollutants. These types of devices include scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. All of these are good ways to keep Indoor Air Quality at a good level(1)
  • Keep it clean
    • A clean environment is vital to maintaining the perfect workspace. If too much moisture builds up, this is when mold and bacteria grow and pose a serious health risk. Ensure that areas are constantly cleaned and kept dry to keep the workspace neat and healthy.(3)


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