The Effects Humidity has on the Workplace

Humidity in the Workplace

As an employee working in an office, thinking about the air quality will not be on the top of your mind, but it does affect whether you think about it or not. Humidity is a factor of air quality that can affect the comfort and well-being of your workplace. Since most people spend 90% of their time indoors, creating a healthy indoor environment is essential.(1)

Health Effects from Humidity

It’s important to have the right balance of humidity in spaces. If the relative humidity levels are too high, it can contribute to the growth and spread of unhealthy biological contaminants, such as mold or fungi.(1) The formation of mold and fungi can emit volatile organic matter (VOCs) into the air. Mold produces allergens that can cause allergic reactions that can cause hay fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash.(3) Mold can also cause asthma attacks for people allergic to mold. Mold exposures can affect people who are allergic and non-allergic and irritate eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs.(3) To prevent mold outbreaks, the indoor relative humidity should be kept below 60 percent, ideally around 30-50%.(2) But you don’t want the humidity levels to be too low because that contributes to irritated mucous membranes, dry eyes, and sinus discomfort.(1)

Ways to Keep Humidity Levels Low

In the office, people breathe, cough, and sneeze in the same space. Keeping the humidity range between 30-60% is vital so that the germs and pathogens will have a better chance of dying. The humidity in the office should be between those numbers because if it is too high or too low, the germs and pathogens remain contagious and spread.(4)

RadGreen is Here to Help

Keep employees safe and healthy from pathogens, mold, and discomfort; use RadGreen’s environmental management solution to track your humidity. For indoor spaces, you have two choices, the Pro or the Safe. These monitors measure and track air quality, viral index, thermal comfort, noise, radiation, and light parameters of your space. The monitors track the area 24/7 and can give employees peace of mind and focus on their work. 




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