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Monitoring for a healthy 
and risk free environment.

RadGreen provides unique, innovative and comprehensive environmental management solutions that make life safer and easier for executives and office holders.
RadGreen's sensorsknow what you are exposed to
In order to DO you first have to KNOW. When there's so much to keep track of in life, RadGreen's systems grant complete and immediate peace of mind as they effectively and continuously keep track of radiation, gasses, and air pollutants in any environment.
Damaging radiation, harmful gasses and detrimental pollutants – with RadGreen's cost effective systems you'll be able to know exactly what you, your employees, or anyone else in your vicinity are exposed to 24/7.
Our system is based on a sophisticated IoT (Internet of Things) platform developed by the RadGreen R&D team.

RadGreen's systems - know every possible precaution has been taken
Municipalities, schools, and businesses have realized that their responsibilities include ensuring a safe and healthy environment to their students and employees.
This is why RadGreen's systems are the ultimate solution for executives and office holders. Being able to identify radiation and pollutant irregularities in real time and act upon these findings lets your employees or students know every precaution has been taken to keep them safe.

RadGreen's objectives – complete and immediate peace of mind
We all deserve to know if we're exposed to unwanted hazards during our day, be it in the confines of our own homes, in academic institutions (such as kindergartens, schools, universities, and the like), in the workplace, or in the city's open spaces.
This is precisely our goal – enabling each and every one of us to live in a safe and protected environment.

Smart urban environmental monitoring solutions
for a multitude of hazards
Cellular antenna radiation
Electromagnetic radiation
Wi-Fi antenna radiation 
Air quality, noise and gasses 

Main Benefits

RadGreen's solutions enable our customers to enjoy the following important advantages and benefits:
One-stop-shop monitoring

RadGreen's systems offer comprehensive coverage for many parameters that require monitoring and control. This simplifies an organization's environmental management endeavors as well as significantly decreasing costs and necessary HR & IT resources. It makes the need to manage and maintain several systems redundant. Whatever you need to control, we can monitor.
Continuous monitoring

With RadGreen's systems you won't have to rely on periodic tests that entail considerable financial costs and often fail to reveal the magnitude of pollutants  in the environment. Only by continuous monitoring will you be certain of what you're exposed to at all times.
Real time alerts and response

The thought of being exposed to unwanted hazards for prolonged periods of time is alarming. With RadGreen's systems, you will know immediately if something is off. Consequently, organizations can take immediate action to dramatically minimize exposure and risk thus reducing long term health problems.
Continuous documentation

RadGreen's unique system provides organizations with continuous, uninterrupted, and comprehensive documentation of monitored parameters. Managers and office-holders can rely on accurate and viable data. With a simple click of a button precious data can be retrieved indicating monitored parameters' precise levels.
Easy to use

RadGreen's systems are extremely intuitive and can be used by non-technical personnel. Once installed, our system will run itself. Our solution requires no IT resources on your end and provides you with extensive, valuable, and comprehensible information.
Safer, healthier, happier people

Implementing advanced environmental control systems lets people know you take their safety and well-being seriously. It also improves long term attendance rates and cognitive ability.

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